What are the prerequisites to learn Tableau software?

To learn Tableau, you do not need any knowledge except basics of database and queries and some statistical concepts. But when you talk about working in actual project, you need few other technologies.

As Tableau mainly works in the data processing, it’s always good to have few additional tools/technology understanding along with Tableau in order to get a good Job opportunity.

1. Database understanding and Query writing: If you go through any JD of Tableau, generally companies expect good database understanding, data modeling, and database query understanding from a Tableau developer. With the database skills, a developer can write custom SQL to get the required data in Tableau.

2. Statistical Concepts: There are multiple statistical concepts available in Tableau like Trendline, forecast, clustering, correlation, scatter plots, histogram, box plot, residuals etc. Hence having statistical concepts clear to understand these functionalities is very important.

3. Expertise in R and Python: If the project requirement has statistical and visual analytics together, it’s always recommended to get the hands-on experience on R and Python coding so you can integrate these statistical languages in Tableau workbook.

4. UI/UX knowledge: As visualization layer directly talks to business users, understanding UI/UX concepts for a Tableau developer is very important. With this knowledge, you can design good dashboards which will attract users.

5. Coding knowledge for APIs, web data connectors, and integrations: If you have the requirement of connecting to APIs or writing web data connectors, you should know at least basics of coding so you can write your own connectors. Even for integrating Tableau with other applications, you will need an understanding of coding.

6. Understanding of environment: Based on your company environment, you should know how to use SSO, Active Directory Authentication, Data governance reporting, Version control system and other general terminologies used in enterprise environment.

Happy Job Hunting!

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