What are real time Tableau scenario-based interview questions?

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

1. We have 2 databases – Oracle Table and TDE placed on Tableau server. Can we have a cross join with these 2 sources?

2. One table has Customer ID as primary key and another table has Defaulter ID as a primary key. Can we have data blending on Customer ID and Defaulter ID by default? If yes, then how to enable the relationship between these 2 columns?

3. What will happen to the structure of TDE file when we use optimize option of extract.

4. If we define a group of Customer names starting with A which has 100 customer names starting with A and combine remaining customer names in ‘Other’ group, what will happen when,

a. We remove few customer names starting with A

b. When we add new customer names starting with A

c. When we remove Customer names not starting with A

5. How to handle historical data changes (Edit/delete statements) in incremental extract refresh?

6. Can we add ‘All’ value in Parameter to select all the values?

7. If your State/City/Country from excel column has data type string, how will Tableau recognize it as geographical location?

8. If we group all the dimensions in folders, can we add ‘Measure name’ in any of the folders?

9. If a calculated fields with Logic (if sum(Sales)>100 then ‘A’ else ‘B’ end ) has data type string, will it go in dimension or measure by default? Can we move it from dimension to measure or vice versa?

10. Can we sort a graph with more than 1 dimension without using combined field? Do we need combined field when we sort a graph with dimensions which are following hierarchy?

11. In which scenario the context filter will improve performance vs will impact on the performance?

12. Can we create a combined set on top of a static set and a dynamic set?

13. Will applying a global filter using “all using this data source” make that filter as a data source filter?

14. How to resolve “Cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate together” error from a calculated field?

15. Can LoD expression contain multiple measures?

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