How to get a job in tableau?

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Getting a job in Tableau is very easy as it is one of the skills in demand.

If you really know Tableau then try any/all options mentioned below.

1. Apply through Job portals like Naukri/Monster etc. There are plenty of jobs there.

2. Use LinkedIn to search openings, follow companies/HR executives on LinkedIn.

3. Use Social media groups, Whats app groups for getting openings.

4. Visit company websites and apply on the career page.

5. Other ways to apply for the job like referrals, recommendations etc.

But if you know basics of Tableau and wants to switch into it, I will suggest you go through few online/offline courses, have at least 2–3 months of hands-on experience on Tableau desktop at least, get all the basic concepts cleared, get some confidence and then apply for the job.

Your interviewer will ask your project experience and it’s very easy for an experienced Tableau resource to understand how much hands on you have in Tableau.

If you are very new to Tableau and if you see any individuals/companies who are saying you just pay the amount and we will give you backdoor entry or we will give your interviews, DO NOT go with this route.

Nowadays interviewers are aware of these tricks and they will make sure they verify it’s you who is answering the questions.

I have few bad experiences with the candidates where someone else is answering the questions on call and even on Skype and we have rejected the candidates upfront saying they are not suitable for the job. Even if you manage to clear the rounds and get the job, once you join the project, the team will understand the bluff and it will lead to firing or moving you on another project.


My suggestion will be, there are plenty of jobs there in the market. So, get the right knowledge, get the confidence and then appear for the job. You will surely get a good job in Tableau.

If you are planning to learn Tableau, go through the training institutes, check their credibility, trainer’s profile and then enroll. Do not enroll by going through 100% placement tag. Get the knowledge and you will get the job. It’s as simple as that.

Happy Job Hunting :)

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