How is Tableau Software useful for a business analyst?

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Business Analyst is a key person who understands the business domain, Business KPIs and captured data in the overall eco-system. His main role in the overall project cycle is going through the data to find answers to business questions.

As the data is residing in Data warehouse with different schema (Star, waterfall etc.) or the data is coming from different data sources like traditional databases, cloud data sources and big data eco-systems, for taking business decisions the business analysts are dependent on the technical teams to extract or aggregate the data in the require format.

As Tableau is a drag and drop tool which does not need any technical expertise, any business analyst can directly connect to any of the data sources to pool the data in visualization layer directly.

The adhoc reporting will help business analysts in customizing their views, slicing the data based on different parameters, using drill up drill down functionality to see the details, creating customized calculations, and sharing the customized views with other users without having any dependency on IT team.

Tableau is helping business analysts to get insights out of their data by enabling them to do self-paced analysis rather than canned analysis.

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