10 things you should consider before applying for your dream Tableau job

Getting a job in Tableau is very easy when you have the right skill sets. As Tableau mainly works in data processing, you should have a few additional tools/technology understanding along with Tableau to get a good job opportunity.

1. Database understanding and Query writing: Good database understanding, data modeling, and database query understanding

2. Statistical Concepts: Trend line, forecast, clustering, correlation, scatter plots, histogram, box plot, residuals, etc.

3. Understanding of environment: Read about the architecture of data-driven projects, OLAP, OLTP, Tableau Desktop, Server, etc.

Before applying for any job, I will recommend you to complete the following things:

  1. Go through all the available Tableau videos from Tableau site.

  2. Install Tableau desktop/Tableau Public and start implementing things on Tableau

  3. Create your Tableau public account and publish your best dashboards on Tableau public. Don’t forget to add your public account link to your CV.

  4. Start reading Tableau blogs, knowledge base page, following people on LinkedIn and Quora to get more practical scenarios on Tableau.

  5. If possible, attend a classroom session of Tableau to revise all the concepts. Classroom sessions are more efficient than online videos.

  6. If possible, complete at least Tableau basic certification to validate your knowledge. Highlight it in your CV.

  7. Start applying for jobs with requirements having 0–2 years of experience. Make sure your basic concepts of how Tableau works are clear before you go for an interview.

  8. During your interviews, start explaining your Tableau journey and your achievements in Tableau.

  9. Start solving problems / giving solutions posted in Tableau Community / Groups. It will give you visibility in the group.

  10. Make sure your LinkedIn explains your Tableau journey & achievements.

Happy job hunting!

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